After years of traveling to far off places and being in distant lands, away from my roots in the magical northern california hills, i realized it’s about time I establish a way to communicate with my beautiful network of friends and family without impersonal, bulk emails.  so i’ve made the move to establish my own space where I can philosophize, reflect and share experiences to avoid the unwanted babbles arriving in the inbox.

I am currently in Pittsburgh, PA, where I have been living for the summer directing a canvass office to raise money for open spaces protection and fighting global warming.  In less than a month I will graduate Green Corps and move back to the San Francisco Bay Area after 13 months of campaign travel which has taken me all over North Carolina, Florida, California, Massachussettes, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.  My lifestyle has embodied the characteristics of a soldier in battle besides the occasional blissful tangent.  Taking down corporate America has proved to be no small task. Nothing about my lifestyle has been sustainable for the past year, which is troubling given that I am fighting for a more sustainable world…but the sacrifice has been well worth it as I am now walking away from a 13 month training program with all the activist tools I need to confidently walk out into the great universe as an effective advocate for the environment.  My passions have been envigorated to change this awful system from within.  I know that I can’t just move to South America anymore and escape this insanity.

 More than ever during this past year of challenges and growth I have become aware of a growing disconnect between my soul and the Great Spirit — something that very much troubles me.  I am very excited to begin the next phase of my life as an organizer and a carrier of light.  I wish to manifest a path of intentional living and social change in love, integrity, and peaceful harmony meanwhile constantly fighting for what i so strongly believe in — spreading the truth of corporate/special interest profit at the expense of under-privileged people and a compromised natural world.  I am troubled and yet incredibly filled with happiness.  What an amazing pachamama, madre tierra, we are blessed with — let us protect her wisely and with wisdom.