well i think i have turned into an insomniac because i never go to bed before 3am anymore and i awake every day by 7:30am. the exhaustion turns into lucid delirium by 9pm every night, and then giggles and hunger.  so i finally motivated and made a long-awaited acupuncture appointment this week. it was truly amazing. acupuncture always blows my mind — how 22 small needles in key pressure points can awaken the stagnating energies and chi within.

Mary, my acupuncturist, used a dangling crystal device to test my chakras.  she seemed pleased with all of them except my 5th chakra, which she reported to be completely closed.  The Sanskrit word for the 5th chakra is “Vishuddha” which means “purity.”

The emotion for the 5th chakra is faith and understanding. Because the 5th chakra is located in the throat and governs higher communication, speaking, hearing and listening, it helps us to understand our inner truth and convey it with our voice to the outside world.  Deficient energy in the 5th chakra can cause neck and shoulder problems, as well as throat problems.   very interesting that i have had strep throat 3 times in the past 6 months. i will explore this more — fascinating.

 She placed crystals on my throat while 20 needles successfully began a flowing, powerful path of energy moving throughout my body for the next 45 minutes, opening me up and gracefully forcing out all of my stored away emotional weight and pain. it was cleansing and relaxing beyond belief, especially after the final15 minutes of CranioSacral work which dissipated the bottled up chi and stress.  thank god for body work! we all need more touch!!

the full moon is waxing! can’t wait to relish in her glory sunday night at a blues traveler show, followed by a week in State College where i will be camping and working.  i’m going to soak up the outdoors time, out of the office, and will finally get to experience the Amish farmlands, buggies, and central PA culture.

we hit $110,000 in funds raised so far this summer for global warming, open spaces protection, and public transit. good shit. directing an office is becoming much more fun and less stressful as our leaders become more and more talented.

I’m trying to figure out what i will do with my month or so of free time come August 18th, before I start my new job in the next phase of life. on the list: SolFest fiesta with all my green corps peeps! woot norcali reunion! Backpacking with Audrey up in the mountains with redwoods and rivers. Labor day green corps graduation party with extended family in Hopland. burning man with my girl Cory? this may be too crazy, we’ll see. glorious.

 lots of love overflowing as anthony b and i chill here in this sweet and warm summer night goodness.