hey hey. so, i’m a little disappointed that we haven’t come across any amish people or buggies.  State College is in central PA and i was told there are many traditional amish folks in these parts, who only travel in buggies and are cloked in traditional garb…but alas i have only found lots of good looking PennState students and educated people who contribute lots of money at the door. but, i must say, i’m having a grand ol’ time camping out at the RV park! we’ve got ourselves a 10 person tent in the camping area, which, i might add, is nice and grassy and we’re the only ones here. we’ve been blessed with a week of spectacular weather — clear, blue sky sunshine (and sweltering humidity), starry nights and a glorious moon above shining her light down. 

I’ve found that people around here really don’t have any idea what’s it’s like to swim in the fresh and amazing cool Eel Rivers of northern california or the Pacific Ocean…so sad. We went “swimming” yesterday at Whipple Dam to beat the 95 degree heat, which was a crowded beach with shallow, stagnant, polluted water blocked off with slimy booeys so that we would stay within the confines of a tiny area. awesome.  and it’s the only place for folks to swim around here! The midwest is a different world — a couple things: it’s very hard to find a place in this state to recycle.  they don’t sell alcoholic beverages in grocery stores or marts. they have designated “beer/wine stores.”  weirdos.

I’ve been talking to a lot of campaign directors about jobs post-Green Corps. Food and Water Watch offered me a short-term gig in Seattle on a corporate campaign to get Starbucks to use hormone-free milk in 100% of their shops across the nation as one of the largest purchasers of milk in the nation. right now, they use hormone-free milk on the west and east coasts, but in the midwest and South they use RBGH-ridden milk. yummy.  TAC offered me another stint of state-hopping to go after TruGreen ChemLawn because of the success of my work in North Carolina, Florida and Cali, but I just don’t have the energy to keep up that kind of exhausting lifestyle.   But i’m still hoping to move back to the SFO bay area, if the right job presents itself. I’m super into the idea of working for Rainforest Action Network on their new agribusiness campaign targeting the industrial soy and palm oil plantations which are devastating indigenous lands in Southeast Asia and Latin America…but we shall see.

Happy August, and I’ll see you all soon!! peace and love…