it’s amazing to be back in my little nook after a week of camping, sweltering heat, and canvassing every night. i feel very satisfied and blessed. yet a deep sadness brews inside.  it is Reggae on the River weekend in norcal — a fundamental part of my life since I was 13 — and i’m here in Pittsburgh, missing the once-a-year gathering of all my beloved friends Felice, Eli, Tris, Jus, my sis, her girls, Juan pequeno, kendra, and all the other amazing and beautiful family members. it really hurts to know that they are all there together…i realize that i have chosen a lonely path for myself the past few years, involving much sacrifice and solitude, branching out sometimes too far from my core nourishment and roots. and i am so hungry for love, a relationship, that spark of magic and deep intimacy. i find myself wandering mentally back to all my past loves, especially those who i ended things with becauase of timing rather than a lack of love…i am dreaming to travel again, perhaps south…

a delicious summer treat i just enjoyed (blend it):

2 T flax seeds, ice, small handfull of blueberries, 1 T almond butter, cinnamon, almond milk, tad honey and 1 T chocolate or carob powder