My idea of a rad August doesn’t really entail thunderstorms and air quality warnings, but hey, i’m in the midwest so anything goes.  This afternoon, just after sending our canvassers out, it began to storm more severely than I have ever witnessed in daylight.  A dark cloud descended upon us and winds were blowing so fiercely with rain that umbrellas were flying, trees were toppling over, floods, car crashes and closed roads blocked up the city.

Still there are severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings, flash floods, and power outages across the city. Officials have issued warnings about heat and air quality in the past week, in which temperatures have risen to the high 90s plus insane humidity.  Canvassing the past few weeks has felt like walking through a moist cloud, so wet and sticky everywhere, it fills your lungs with thick dampness…and pollution.  Pittsburgh is the second worst metropolitan area in the nation in terms of airborn particulate matter. Yesterday folks were advised to not leave their homes unless absolutely necessary and several people complained about having to use asthma inhalers.   I even had trouble breathing at the door after walking up a flight of stairs.  It was one of the worst air quality days this year. fun!

I have decided to can the idea of moving to Asheville, NC for the timing being (to work with Dogwood Alliance) as I am feeling a deep calling to return to Northern California.  Actually, I am super stoked that I will most likely be moving into a sweet casita with Laura Garzon on the border of Oakland and Berkeley as Ruth is heading to India.  I’m stoked! I’m thinking I will chill in Hopland, roadtrip, wander freely, backpack, and soak up as much good lovin as possible until I move in sometime mid-September.

I’m starting an intense job search, with the intention of finding a stimulating organizing job in the international, corporate campaign arena.  This is an incredibly exciting time.  I don’t want to rush into anything, so I’m just going to put the energy out there and be confident that my intentions will manifest and that the Great Spirit will guide me along my path, towards my personal history as Paulo Cuelho speaks of in El Alquimista and Annie Dillard expresses in her mental meanderings. My openness and reciprocity will surely grant me the power to recognize the blessings and opportunities unfolding before my eyes. I am sure that life’s synchronicities will move me to action when the timing is right to accept a position or choose a direction. asi es, esta vida hermosa.  As Finley Quaye sings to me now, cheering me up on this dreary summers day in pittsburgh, your Love gets Sweeter every day, and I thank you for that.  only one more week, yipee!