It’s been a whirlwind of amazing people, live music, celebration, adventure, and blissful relaxation during the past few weeks.  I left Pittsburgh Friday August 17th and headed to Boston for Green Corps graduation, which was a blast.  On that day, deep down in my soul a new found happiness began to brew and continues still to grow — a feeling of freedom, creativity, intense love and nourishment.  Green Corps was a true test of personal limits and challenges, and forced me to give up much of what is sacred in my life.  As I continue to develop in my career as an activist, I hope to achieve a more sustainable path and yet maintain the kind of amazing effectiveness I experienced as a Green Corps soldier.

We didn’t sleep Friday night, just danced and shared a beautiful evening with Central Staff on the “other side,” which was so nice.  Being an alumni is pretty sweet because of the respect and common ground you share with hundreds of folks around the nation, and also on a personal level, I no longer felt like Kirsten’s project, but more of a colleague. 

Saturday morning, after about an hour of sleep and lots of drunken debauchery, Jenny and I flew to California.  Warm, blue skies and a glowing Ayna awaited us and swept us north to SolFest where my family and rich community welcomed us back home into the northern california lands: millions of hugs, raw and organic foods galore, amazing live bands and dancing, herbal tinctures, starry skies that melt a weary traveler, babies and pregnant earth mamas in abundance, beautiful faces and energies, golden mendo hills and emotions of unconditional love, compassion, positivity, hope and joy.

The hedonistic lifestyle continued as I spent a weekend in Berkeley and reunited with several of my most  favorite friends. I had a sacred and spiritually connected evening with Locolukas, filling my heart to the brim with a magical and delicious contentment.  Spending tons of time with my best friend, Pete, enjoying long days at the Eel River out past Willits, trips to Mendocino and the ocean breeze, baking, eating olive oil from our vineyards, fresh fruit from our orchards, fresh basil and tomatoes from our gardens, chard, grapes, artichokes, what else could a woman ask for in life?

To top off the hedonism and unparalleled happiness, I spent a week at Burning Man with my dad, sister, pete, and friends. 50,000 people (all beautiful and quite naked), huge and unbelievable art installations, endless miles of playa desert, bike riding to the end of the moon and back, spiritual connections with truly loving beings. It was all about reciprocity, give and take.  There is no monetary currency allowed out there, just gifts.  All food, drink, and services are free.  It’s all about sharing, giving, accepting, and loving.  I reunited with many friends and spent some quality time with my dad and gorgeous sis.  Fire blazed from torches and they burned the man as well as the huge oil derrick the last night, which was totally intense.  Letting go, moving on, cleansing and renewing.   I learned what it truly means to love yourself, to BE yourself, and to allow your most true essence to shine through, unhindered.  I also learned about gritty kitties that don’t purr. 

I was a little wierded out the last night by all the techno music, glow sticks, and feeling of disconnect with the desert.  The entire week there, I experienced a deep connection with the vast desert and her spirits. I felt very much in my element, and loved the sand storms. Rather than taking shelter, we would strip our clothes off and dance, frolick, and embrace the pelting, swirling wind storms with masks on and just laughed and laughed in ecstacy.  But that last night, I felt that people became much too obsessed with their techno music and fire to the point that the desert’s heartbeat was masked by agressive energy and the human ego.  What a waste of resources to burn so many fires and put on such a show, for only the most affluent party animals (burning man is no cheap adventure, i was lucky to get in for free).  As Pete said, how many campaigns could we have launched with all that money, or how many wild landscapes could we have protected?  Nonetheless, the fluid streams of laughter that erupted from deep in my gut all night and all week, as well as the richness of lessons learned and experienced with other beings of light, was enough to satiate my soul for years to comme.

I also learned last week what true friendship feels like.  I have so much love in my heart it almost hurts.  I can’t believe what this universe has offered me already in life, I am so grateful. Now all I need is to be blessed with a wonderful job.  I am moving back to the bay area next week….woot. i will miss the country, it’s going to be good to get my life rolling again.

Poem sent to me by my dear friend Haunani who I ran into at Burning Man:

Amidst a crowd of dancing ecstasy two Goddess reunite, kissed with the
blessings of a setting sun and roar of orgasmic glee.  Dance away the pain.
Dance away the fright.  Dance, dance, dance for the freedom of song and
Light!  Behold the turbulent cry for Love, in the feet, in the arms, in the
heads swaying with the beat of the eternal drum.  Dance, dance, and dance
some more.  No one stopping us now, only the tired feet of being free in the
night’s glow.  Radiant bliss.  Radiant glow.  You, the Radiant Goddess from
head to toe!

Amazing shake recipe I’m enjoying right now:

  1. a small handful of each: almonds, cashews, sesame seeds and flax seeds
  2. small apple and asian pear from the orchard chopped in 1/8ths
  3. 1 banana
  4. a few dried cherries
  5. 2 T organic, plain yogurt
  6. 1 T acai hemp protein powder
  7. 1/2 C almond, hemp or soy milk
  8. dash local bee pollen
  9. dash of carob powder
  10. dash cinnamon
  11. couple of drops of hemp oil
  12. dash of electrolyte water
  13. ice cubes
  14. Mix in Vitamixer and enjoy cold!