it is true: I now reside in in Oakland. Although the golden hills of mendo will always be my sanctuary, my home, my roots, I am now an urbanite.  So many beautiful faces mixed with a heavy weight of homeless need.  Sirens, car alarms, traffic, movement, endless opportunity and possibility in each and every day.  I left jogging with hawks and deer, swimming in the pond, making shakes, spending every night with my love and roaming barefoot.  I closed the book cover of one novel, and opened another. The pain of leaving was intense, mostly because I was not ready to leave Pete, but asi es la vida. I am feeling settled, grounded, and happy here. My bay area family has been wonderful.

I’ve applied for several jobs down here, from non-profit groups doing environmental organizing and independent media work, to Fenton Communications, the nation’s largest public interest advocacy, progressive communications PR firm. I’ve been through a multi-interview process with Fenton, but am doubtful I will be hired. I’m even more excited about the possibility of working for Greenpeace to train college students in non-violent direct action as a means to affect change, media, coalition building, etc. involving international travel.  It wouldn’t start til January though…so perhaps I will head down to South America for a bit? Who knows..

My casita here with Laurita is amazing. Please do come to the East Bay and visit!!! we have an extra bed and lots of plants: a spacious and positive ambiance to chill in. Love!!