2008 is undoubtedly going to be an amazing year, for it’s already rich with an abundance of blessings and challenges (and I brought in the new year with naked, synchronized swimming, which is always a positive sign!).  I haven’t written in months because I’ve been completely immersed in this beautiful life.  I’m presently in Washington D.C. where I’ll be for a couple more weeks, training for my new Greenpeace job.  I’ll be based in San Francisco running the GOT (Greenpeace Organizing Term) with Gabriel Gerow, a very talented and passionate activist.  It’s a semester and summer training program for college students across the country.  We train them in grassroots organizing skills, corporate and legislative campaigning, non-violent direct action, meanwhile working on Greenpeace campaigns and exploring their own commitment to politics and the environmental movement.  During each program/semester (three times a year) we travel abroad to Greenpeace International offices to do campaign actions in places like Amsterdam, Germany, Slovakia and Spain.  If you want to check it out: http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/got.  I will be working a lot during each session, but will have time for vacations and staff retreats in between. Spring GOT: Feb. 4-April 25. Summer GOT: June 2-Aug. 8.  Fall GOT: Sept. 15-Dec. 12.  I feelincredibly blessed to have found such a great outlet for my passions and a way to carry on my path of important social change work.

Since I was hired on in November, it was wonderful to have a month plus of pure hedonistic living before my job started Jan.2 — capoeira twice a week, plentiful yoga, hiking, dancing, playing, writing, reading, and re-connecting with tons of old friends from high school, Whitman and beyond.  My 25th Birthday was a weekend of spectacular people and so much love, and I was oh so spoiled by my lover Pete (lavender-infused chocolate cake was just the beginning of an amazing weekend).  It’s interesting that I’ve reached 25 years of age, because I really feel like my life has taken on a new level.  I’m settled in an amazing home in the East Bay, I have a super incredible, real job (no more internships, Fellowships, and living on a dime — I’m making some serious money now and have health care, woot!), and I’m in a wonderfully balanced and mature relationship with someone that I can see myself staying with for a long, long time (I am not one to last in relationships over 2 years because of my flighty, spontaneous ways but this one feels very different). Pete is living in the barn on Sunhawk now (my dad’s property) and we’ve been making it a cozy home to enjoy (together on weekends, for him during the week). My heart is peaceful, strong, and optimistic. My body is healthy, grounded and alive.

I don’t know about all y’all, but I’ve been feeling like cleansing after all the Christmas excesses, so I’ve been eating lots of warming veggie soups along with other fruits and veggies balanced with healthy grains like quinoa.  If anyone is interested in Nancy’s famous “Green Drinks,” I’m going to write down the recipe here (it’s similar to the seaweed flax shake from an earlier blog).  It works best in a VitaMix. If you have a traditional blender, it may turn out chunky!

  • Overnight soakings:  2 T flaxseeds, 1 handful almonds (or pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds or pecans, but only one or it will be too thick), handful raisins and cherries or dried apricots, and dried kombu and dulce seaweed
  • Add in the morning: 1-3 sliced apples, 3-5 chard or kale leaves plus dandelion root, nettle, etc. plus ice and water
  • Optional additions to be blended on a very low speed once that’s all blended: fish or cod liver oil (high in Vitamin D which we are all lacking during winter), hemp or olive oil (for omegas, healthy intestinal functioning, and generally super good for you), and organic keifer (liquid yogurt, high in acidophilus and good bacterias)

Happy New Year! Enjoy.