Join us in California for our ruckus-raising Sustainable Seafood Road Show! From San Francisco Bay Area through Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and San Diego, we’re raising hell not only in CA but around the nation hitting up almost all 300 Trader Joe’s store locations with a unified message: Stop selling the most endangered, red-listed fish species on your shelves, enact a sustainable seafood procurement policy, and start informing your customers through labeling and transparency in your seafood section so they can make informed decisions!

We had two amaaaazing events today! The North Beach event was a bit slower in the morning, but fantastic.  We deployed our team in 2 minutes flat and 3 TJs staffers came out immediately, quite angry (including the store manager), however after a bit of successful de-escalation and showing her our legal letter

, the store manager Cassi seemed fine with us out front as long as we didn’t block the entry.  Besides the constant reminder that we were too close to the wall and an interesting discussion about which red list species they don’t sell (she read the whole report!), it was smooth. We generated 150 postcards in a little less than 1.5 hours.  Two students delivered the citation before leaving, which Cassi loved.

Event two on Mason St. was even more of a splash.  The store manager went from being oddly friendly in the beginning to so angry in the end he would not accept the citation and I was forced to leave it on the table.  Our photographer got some great shots of me engaging with him out front, though the camera made him quite upset.  We generated 149 postcards in a bit less than 1.5 hours (almost exact same as first event) but our visibility was fantastic: we were decked out in grass skirts, flower leys, hawaiian get-up, 2 orange roughy costumes, great big banners, generated hundreds of honks, chanted a ton, had the voting booth occupied almost the entire time, petitioned people in cars as they waited in line to pull in, and a few volunteers even showed up for this one!  Our most successful engagement tactics were the voting booth, the fish sample platter and our kiddie pool where people could fish out an endangered fish with facts on it.  The store manager again demonstrated that he was doing his homework inside when he came out and announced that we were targeting the wrong store because they carried few red list species.  After explaining that it was a national, company-wide issue, his store was still Trader Joe’s, and that they needed to do a better job informing their customers, I told him that the best thing he could do was to express his outrage of our actions to his HQs; he huffed and walked away.

After tripling our day’s petition goal and ending Day 1 on a very exciting but exhauasted note, we’re all ready to go kick some more CA butt!  I am so proud of our students — all our messaging drills have paid off and they are representing GP so well out there!

Rock on everyone! Thanks for the support, we couldn’t do this without all of you.  Only 8 more days of raising hell….

Visit http://www.traitorjoe.com and send your store manager a singing fish telegram!

1) Trader Joe’s sells many unsustainable seafood items.
We want them to discontinue their red list items; it is not necessary to sell fish like orange roughy and Chilean sea bass in order to have a profitable seafood section.

2) Trader Joe’s has no sustainable seafood policy.
The company needs to develop thoughtful and strict purchasing standards that will preclude them supporting environmentally damaging fisheries and farms.

3) Trader Joe’s does not provide customers with the information they need to make informed seafood purchasing decisions.
The lack of transparency in the Trader Joe’s seafood section needs to be addressed.  The company must begin labeling their seafood with necessary information (like catch or farming method) so their customers do not unwittingly contribute to the demise of the ocean through their seafood purchases.