38 weeks pregnant!

38 weeks pregnant!

Granted I am going on 39 weeks pregnant, which could slightly bias my enthusiasm for food and/or overly sensitive taste buds, I can definitively say that I just ate the most delicious sandwich of my life. Which is why I am dedicating my first post in months to it 😉


  • 4 slices organic ‘smoky maple bacon’ marinated Tempeh
  • 2 slices Food for Life brand gluten free brown rice bread
  • 1 T Wildwood brand zesti garlic aoli (dairy free mayo alternative)
  • 3 slices pepper jack almond cheeze (dairy free)
  • 3 slices organic cucumber
  • handful organic arugula
  • 1 T Primavera brand organic roasted chipotle salsa
  • 1 T organic walnut oil


  • grill the bread slices in a cast iron skillet over low heat with the walnut oil, turning frequently to make the bread lightly golden brown on the outside but still soft in the middle
  • once grilled nicely add the cheeze slices and let melt
  • simultaneously grill the tempeh slices in a bit of walnut or coconut oil for a couple of minutes on each side
  • smear the garlic aoli generously on one face of the bread, then the salsa on top, then add a handful of arugula and put the tempeh slices on top
  • add the cucumber and close the sandwich
  • enjoy this crunchy yet chewy, saucy, oozing with flavor and texture delicacy!

The only missing ingredient was sauerkraut! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did sitting in the blissful spring sunshine with two fluffy kitties at my side and a sweet baby boy growing in my belly!