We just made prints of these sweet little birth announcements for our close friends & family. We had so much fun during the photo shoot and Jules loved it. He’s going to be 9 weeks this Saturday, already! He’s really growing into himself these days. Smiling up a storm and too big for all of his 3 month clothes!

Today was magical. After our toughest night yet – Jules fought his sleep like crazy and kept me up almost the entire night (perhaps from eating dark chocolate for the first time in ages?) – Erol and I went up to Strawberry Canyon pool with my Dutch girlfriend Nina who also just had a baby. I got to swim for the second time since having Jules and it felt soooo good. Each breath I took in the blissful periwinkle sunshine-filled sky and redwoods above, and at the end of each lap watched Erol and Jules being cute over on the grass. Delicious!

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