Boost Fertility with Acupuncture!

Boost Fertility with Acupuncture!

Many of the women in my community are currently pregnant, which I find so exciting. I realize we have a crazy overpopulation problem on planet Earth, but I think it’s important that a) every woman has the opportunity to experience the sacred path of motherhood, if desired and b) I am especially supportive of the environmentally conscientious ladies out there raising children that are environmentally and social justice oriented! Which is why I’ve been inspired to write this post. After getting asked about fertility by a few different women who are currently trying, I decided to share what worked for me in terms of preparing my body for the divine journey of conception, pregnancy, birth and motherhood. NOTE: This is not based on science but rather personal experience.

The first element that comes to mind is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a powerful form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine. It stimulates specific acupuncture points to correct any imbalance in the flow of energy, or “qi” through our body’s energy channels, ie meridians.
Acupuncture has played a huge role in my own life in achieving regular menstrual cycles and more recently was responsible for gifting me my miracle baby (I did acupuncture every other week for a year and while actively not trying to have a baby conceived one). Many acupuncturists can tell you about the correlation between fertility and acupuncture!
“Acupuncture provides better circulation and better blood flow to the womb. It will give a better chance for the eggs to be nourished and therefore carried.” – Dr. Raymond Chang
Acupuncture and mocsa over the womb

Acupuncture and moxa over the womb

I think lifestyle also plays a huge role in one’s fertility. Preparing your body for conception is a process, both mental and physical. It’s important to invite the being you are desiring into your world and set that intention meanwhile treating your body like a sacred temple. For me this entailed minimal drinking/partying, adjusting my body to the rhythms of the sun as much as possible (early to bed, early to rise), doing regular exercise and some sort of spiritual practice, and duh, eating well.

 Diet is so so so important and plays a massive role in the health of your body (perhaps this is obvious but it’s amazing how many doctors don’t even start by looking at your diet when you approach them with a serious health problem). Personally, I gravitate towards a cleansing diet in the summer and fall, and a building diet in the winter and spring. In other words, lots of salads, smoothies, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lighter foods in the warmer months and more warming, filling soups and stews, casseroles, and baked goods in the colder months. I try my best to only eat organic food so as to avoid the many harmful effects of pesticides and GMOs.
Good luck ❤
Organic, gluten-free nut loaf

Organic, gluten-free nut loafI often share recipes on my blog if you want to poke around. One of my most favorite new recipe resources is a publication of Radiant Life called The Guide to Making Coconut Flour Breads. I’ve made my own variations of the date nut loaf several times with farm fresh eggs, Himalayan raisins and organic walnuts and it is ridiculously warm and delicious! My toddler loves it with peanut butter on top.

 On a separate note, my favorite Aussie just asked me what to buy for her pregnant sister – local items to ship to Australia. Thought I’d share my list for inspiration.
Here are a few of my favorite things that are local:
1. Tiny amazing ABCs book called A is for activist by Nagara (Oakland based)
2. California Baby soothing conditioner
3. Get her a locally made mother’s milk tea to boost milk production in the early weeks
4. Locally made oil to massage baby after baths. I did this every night until Jules started wiggling away around a year. An olive oil base is nice. Def not coconut or peanut oil, they go rancid.

Faves that aren’t necessarily local:
1. Organic pajamas are the best gift ever – babies spend half their lives in pajamas and conventional cotton is very toxic. Get em online or at EarthSake on 4th St. in Berkeley.
2. Nikki McClure First 1000 Days baby journal
3. Boiron brand Camilia – natural teething relief (saved us during teething)
4. Earth Mama Angel baby Natural Nipple Butter and/or any of their products!
5. Mamma Chia squeeze pouches – Green Magic (baby/toddler food)
6. Weleda Calendula diaper rash cream
7. Books to prep parents on parenthood – check out my list here

Even though Whole Foods is corporate and frustrates the hell out of me with it’s 95% conventional deli section, the new one on Gilman in Berkeley has a huge aisle filled with all the most amazing baby things in the world – green toys, herbal remedies, ointments, organic socks, etc. It’s my happy place.