Hello! How is it already June 2017?! Despite the unbelievable political reality and depressing state of the world, in my own little family & career bliss bubble 2017 has been an amazing year of manifesting big life dreams!

After nearly 8 years working at Rainforest Action Network (RAN), I am diving into the universe to follow my heart and greatest passion! Today was my very last day at RAN, so bittersweet as I love my RAN family and the edgy, effective campaigns we run. But it was time to move on, and the universe made that crystal clear for me…I jumped into the unknown by giving my notice before I knew what was next, and sure enough I had two amazing opportunities manifest within weeks.
I just accepted an exciting position to design and launch a new campaign to make plant-based solutions to factory farming mainstream, and to drive major institutional reforms in our food system.


This has been my dream for so many years and I can’t believe it’s actually happening!! This campaign will launch around a book and serious movement-building effort with high profile and deeply committed environmental advocates–and together we will raise awareness about the environmental and health impacts of meat production and consumption, build a movement of activated partners and individuals around the globe calling for action, and create market-based solutions to factory farming. We will be connecting food and climate, on a national and global scale employing a multi-pronged and sustained effort developing educational resources, corporate and NGO partnerships, point of purchase influencing, and high impact video, PR and social media.


My path to get here was pretty incredible. I had just received a dream job offer from one of my favorite environmental groups to launch a new campaign targeting meat producer companies with a strong environmental health component. It was a great fit for me, but the universe had other plans in store. This new gig was too much of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pass up, and when divine synchronicity appears in my life like this, my general rule is to bow in gratitude and accept, trusting that I am on my soul path.

I’m so honored to join this team in this critical work, and I can’t wait to share more soon!

Cagle_CivilEats_meatUSAheader-frontAt the nexus of the most serious environmental problems of our time – climate change, deforestation, water scarcity & pollution, and biodiversity loss – life on earth looks grim unless we can make industrial animal agriculture obsolete. I’m so thrilled to finally be dedicating my skills and passions to this important work on behalf of all the animals suffering in factory farms and our children whose futures depend on it.

I’ve spent the past 12 years working on corporate campaigns to force industries and sectors to shift, using people power to challenge business as usual. I’m excited to build on that experience, but what I’ve realized these past few weeks is that I’m actually more excited about the solutions work to make factory farming obsolete than I am about continuing to run corporate campaigns on big meat producers. I think it’s crucial that groups continue to push for change from big meat and dairy producers, but ultimately I think it’s going to be harder to get meat producers to stop factory farming than it will be to get hotels, airlines, restaurants, food service and schools to increase plant-based foods and serve less meat. And obviously we can’t only do this work in the US. With meat consumption dramatically increasing in China and India, we must not only tackle consumption and production in the US but in other growing economies.

Check out my latest blog post on the Understory reporting back from the Reducetarian Summit on the amazing changes happening in our food system!
I am so excited to jump into my next role though I will miss my incredible team at RAN. My heart is overflowing from the beautiful day reminiscing about the past 8 years of hell raising. Here’s a few photos from my final day at RAN: